We’re not Arts Administrators, we’re Experience Creators

The experience at an arts + culture event is so much more than what happens on the stage or in the gallery.

In fact, the things people experience outside of the actual art, can be more impactful than the art itself. As arts administrators, we are Experience Creators. We invite people along a journey that starts with their very first interaction with our organization and goes through until they get back home after the show.

Take a look at photos from Disney’s #afterdisney campaign:

You’ll notice they don’t show the park at all. However, these photos immediately put you in the experience of going to Disney World.

Let’s show more than just is what is on the stage in our communications campaigns and welcome them to come along with us.

Postscript: While we’re thinking about the experience, remember that there are things other than the art that can detract from an experience. A difficult ticket buying process, an impatient box office worker, a surly usher at the theater, taking forever to get out of the parking garage after the show. We may not have complete control over everything, but we do have control over some things.

Keynote Speaker. Communications Strategist. Arts Marketer. Native Pittsburgher. WVU Mountaineer. Trekkie. INTJ. Mom. CeciDadisman.com

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