Stop! Before you send an email to that old list…

Clean your list!

If I had a nickel for every client who emailed me in a panic because MailChimp (or Constant Contact or Emma or whoever) froze their account because an exceptionally high bounce or SPAM rate raised red flags… Nine times out of ten it is the result of an email that went out to an old list.

If you are thinking of sending a reactivation email to a list you haven’t talked to in a while, please clean that list first! (Actually, you should be cleaning your email list every year or so anyway as email addresses are a lot less evergreen than postal addresses.)

My favorite way to clean a list is using Neverbounce. It is super easy to do and my favorite part is that you don’t have to spend one cent if it ends up that your list doesn’t need to be cleaned.

Take the extra 10 minutes to, at the very least, see if your list needs to be cleaned before you hit “send”.

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